We challenge.

99 percent of Sweden's business community consists of small and medium-sized companies with scarce resources to set aside for sustainability work. We don't mind Sustainability Consultants but the truth is that few companies can afford them. Therefore, a simple and cost-effective solution is needed.

We are efficient.

With our unique combination of digital tools and personal guidance, we help you get over the threshold and speed up your sustainability work. We simplify a complex area to create action. 

We have the expertise.

PURE ACT is founded by two Business Economists - Therese Svensk and Linnea Eriksson. It may sound strange but it is the perfect combination. We focus on creating business value through responsibility, and sustainability must be integrated into both your strategy and accounting.

Of course, we have partners with expert knowledge in all specific areas of sustainability.

"Therese and Linnea are really inspiring, sharp, accommodating and professional!!" - Malin at STUNS