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PURE ACT offers a simple process for strategic sustainability work. The process consists of workshops, access to our digital tool Acture and ongoing advice as needed. The process results in a clear sustainability plan, a sustainability report and a strengthened brand.


Acture is a simple, activity-based tool that helps you build a sustainability plan. Process checklists with hundreds of tips on sustainable activities, actions and KPIs. You get a clear overview that shows how you are doing according to your plan and you can download an automatic summary at any time.


The certificate is proof that you are transparent in your active sustainability work. It is a sign that you are a responsible partner, which is increasingly important to be able to demonstrate as new regulations are introduced and the requirements in the supply chain tighten. In order to obtain our certification, you are required to prepare a sustainability report via Acture that an auditor reviews according to our certification criteria.


"A crystal clear and efficient journey from confusion to a clear sustainability report with PURE ACT."

John Hultberg

Co-founder & Deputy CEO på Recycling Partner RP

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Curious about how you are doing in sustainability work? Take our sustainability test and get concrete tips on what you can do next. You also get the opportunity to book a 40-minute free consultation.


We simplify a complex area to create action. Our task is to help you gain speed and structure in your sustainability work with the help of our multiple award-winning process. We are primarily aimed at small and medium-sized companies that have the desire to contribute to sustainable development but lack the resources to set aside for the transition. PURE ACT is founded by economists Therese Svensk and Linnea Eriksson.






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